Skye Wheatley using BB Mask

Supercharge your skin while you sleep!

Overnight success! The 4-in-1 Sleeping Mask does its magic while you sleep:

✔️Alleviates redness and irritation and prevents future breakouts.

✔️Restores skin’s natural balance and promotes an even skin texture.

✔️Deeply nourishes and defeats signs of ageing by improving skin elasticity.

✔️Strengthens the skin barrier and helps to protect from environmental stressors.

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After several trials and errors and having to bin products that just didn’t do anything for us, we decided to give natural alternatives a trial, focusing on Australian native botanicals. This was what led to the discovery of what we now call the Breeze Body product.

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Beauty Sleep

Facial Refining Mask

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Beauty Sleep
Beauty Sleep
Beauty Sleep
Beauty Sleep
Beauty Sleep
Uncover the ultimate skincare hack with Australia’s first sleeping mask!

It does all the heavy lifting as you snooze! Australian Pink Clay and Zinc Oxide create a protective veil over your skin, allowing all the active ingredients to penetrate throughout the night. All natural and enriched with powerful Aussie botanicals this overnight mask revives tired skin while you sleep.

You simply wash and dry your face, slick it on, and hit the hay. By the time your alarm goes off in the morning, you’ll wake up with a softer, smoother, and more supple complexion.


1x Beauty Sleep

$79.99 AUD  


2x Beauty Sleep

$159.00 AUD   $116.00 AUD   (SAVE 27%)

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I’ve been using this @breezebodyau sleep mask for literally ages now, It’s super quick and easy to use and an all-in-one treatment for sensitive skin, and best of all it’s cruelty free and #vegan!

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I appreciate all-in-one skincare products that save me time and are easy to use. This is why this Beauty Sleep Mask from @breezebodyau is perfect for me.

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Woke up feelin sassy as ever thanks to my @breezebodyau beauty sleep mask💋

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SO FRESH 💕🌸🌴 skin has never felt so good thanks to @breezebodyau

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My skin has never felt more balanced and hydrated then it does now since @breezebodyau has come into my life 💕 

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This product is a weapon for those who suffer with dry skin like myself 💧I apply this as a moisturiser every night and on makeup free days like this @breezebodyau

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Pretty in pink with my favourite face mask @breezebodyau 💕

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New fav night mask thanks to @breezebodyau 😴

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Obsessing over this Beauty Sleep Mask 💕@breezebodyau #breezebody #beautysleepmask  #nighttimeroutine 🌙

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Soothe + Balance + Hydrate + Protect your skin with BB Beauty Sleep overnight facial refining mask! @breezebodyau

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Secretly obsessed with my @breezebodyau beauty sleep mask! 😴 My face has never felt better #crueltyfree #veganfriendly

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I can definitely feel the difference in my skin 🤗 the mask works to sooth and prevent future breakouts and restore natural balance of the skin. I’m a happy customer 😊💯

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🌸🌸In Love with this "Beauty Sleep Mask" from  @breezebodyau 🤗💖💖 My skin is feeling nourished and hydrated all thanks to this baby!!

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Level of happiness when you see your face in the morning after the BB Beauty Sleep mask... #naturalbeauty #healthyskin #breezebody 

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The Beauty Sleep Mask is an essential in my skincare routine! 😍💖




We know you’ll love our Breeze Body products, which is why we offer a Risk-free 30 day Money-Back Guarantee on all of our products. If you haven’t achieved the results you were looking for simply contact our customer care team and receive your money-back. (see terms and conditions for more info).

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